Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hot Guys

I not only like to wear fun stylish clothes, I also like the guy I am with to look hot. I have found a clothing company that I really like. If you see something that you like email me.

Tiffany's Closet

Everyone is always telling me that they want to shop in my closet for their clothes, so I decided that since I am only 4' 10" maybe it would be better if I opened my closet up to my friends on the internet and let them choose their own size. With the help of some good affiliates I have chosen accessories that I would put in my closet. Hope you like them let me know. Tiffany

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome To Sweet Tiffany's

Hey my name is Tiffany Crabtree I'm on myspace and facebook. I will include my links in a link list These sites are pretty self explanatory. I am new at this so together we will discover the world of fashion according to Tiffany.
This is hard so if anyone wants to help me go head and help lol